Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Duncan, The Dog That Ate Sheridan, Wyoming

Dear Friends,

Pictured above is Duncan, Ruthie Salvatore's 180-pound St. Bernard. He is VERY big, even by St. Bernard standards. Ruthie (Ucross's residency manager) keeps slobber towels stashed all around her house in case anybody needs a wipe-down. If things get too messy, she'll run you through a car wash.

This is my 11th day at Ucross. I am now on page 135. I cannot tell if what I'm writing is hot stuff or not. That's what happens when you're in a room by yourself for hours at a time.

"Uh, waiter, can I have the check, please? The reality check?"

Dinner was sweet tonight. Six of the residents are leaving tomorrow.

It's so strange to be here. We connect and then we say goodbye. It's like a really good interview.

On Monday a new crew of six comes. We will make them feel as welcome as the old-timers made us feel. I feel so very grateful to be here and to have had my life enlarged by such dedicated and caring people.

This is almost half over. I can't believe it.

Goodnight. Isn't the moon pretty tonight?

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